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116 Acadia Court, Saskatoon, SK
  • 18 unit condo conversion completed in fall of 2007

1014 Colony Street, Saskatoon, SK
  • 7 unit condo conversion completed in 2008

131 Angus Road, Regina, SK
  • 18 unit condo conversion completed in summer of 2010

103 Huntington Park Green, Calgary, AB
  • 6 unit condo conversion completed in fall of 2010

8.8 Acres of Commercial land, Saskatoon, SK
  • Parcel was chosen for its strategic location - 2 km south of Saskatoon at the intersection of highway 11 and Saskatoons future Perimeter Highway 

  • Land was redeveloped to allow for a commercial storage facility and is currently being leased by RV Storage of Saskatoon

  • Sold in the summer of 2012

430 3rd Avenue NE, Calgary, AB
  • RM5 zoned lot and house

  • Project was to be redeveloped into 3 luxury condo units but was sold in 2015

2203 14th St. SW, Calgary, AB
  • 3 inner city condo units fully renovated and sold

Shantz Place, Crossfield, AB
  • new construction and sale of 4 single family homes

2 - 1603 McGonigal Dr, Calgary, AB
  • townhouse renovation and sale

309 Angus, Regina, SK
  • 4 townhouse style apartments currently rented

  • Future candidate for condo conversion

70 Acres of Agricultural Land  - RM Corman Park, Saskatoon
  • Parcel was purchased as a long-term hold with plans to rezone to Industrial zoning or annexation by the City of Saskatoon

  • Directly across from existing industrial subdivision

  • Land is also situated on future Saskatoon Freeway

  • Sold in 2012

101-110th Street, Saskatoon, SK
  • 8 unit condo conversion 

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